We Are Alumnus

Alumnus Apparel designs and manufactures American made essentials. We develop original fabrics and emphasize quality construction through vibrant colors. We are so proud of the fact that all of the committed people who work together on the production of our great products are from our own communities. We are Alumnus.

From nothing to Alumnus. The path toward once calling yourself a student. An Alumnus can apply knowledge and experience to dictate outcome. An Alumnus is a member of a larger body of it's own constituents. An Alumnus takes pride in representing it's allegiance to its origin. That is the truest depiction of what we are as a company. We Are Alumnus.

In Yonkers, NY as retailers, we quickly realized we deserve a larger voice. As designers, we deliver a brand of simple but prestigious looks which are purposely built to sustain themselves in the category of classic. Consciously maintaining control of each and every aspect of the creation and delivery of products is how we will ensure longevity. In our view, creating lasting relationships in our communities is a welcomed by-product of interpreting street culture through style and fashion. We are purposefully rooted. We are purposefully driven. We Are Alumnus. 

Alumnus Apparel Company

45 S. Broadway

Yonkers, NY 10701
914 719 6610